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Shanghai Chunshengkan Hotel (Shanghai Chunshengkan Hotel), Das Hotel befindet sich in der wohlhabendsten Diamantsektion der Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, mit bequemen Verkehrsmitteln und nur wenige Gehminuten von der U-Bahn Menschen Square Station entfernt.
Dies ist ein multifunktionales ausländisches Hotel, das Unterkunft, Verpflegung, Unterhaltung, Freizeit und Geschäft integriert.Das Hotel besteht aus zwei Gebäuden, das Westgebäude ist die Gästezimmer Abteilung, mit allen Arten von Gästezimmern und kompletten Einrichtungen, die von Gästen verschiedener Verbrauchsstufen ausgewählt werden können. Der zweite Stock des Ostgebäudes ist die Nelkenküche, der dritte Stock ist das Fußbad, und andere Zimmer sind das Schach-und Kartenzimmer, das Beauty-Center und der Kaffee- und Teeraum.Die Lobby im zweiten Stock des Ostgeschosses des Restaurants 'Bauernhaus Küche' kann etwa 200-Personen beherbergen.Es gibt acht private Zimmer im dritten Stock und acht Bankette im mittleren Saal.Im vierten Stock befinden sich kleine Tanzsäle und Karaokeräume.
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Bewertungen Mehr
  • alitfox
    All right
  • m02917175
    Nice, nice, very safe, room was very clean.
  • jm Gigi
    Hotel location is good for shopping and shopping. Hotel guests. Facilities can. Staff service attitude is good. Overall best is located in the downtown area.
  • cannabassy
    Hotel very good, clean, good situation, STAF VERY BAD !
  • liangfj
    Hotel has a dedicated airport transfer service, OK
  • junxig
    Has is the second stay at the hotel good location, go out the Nanjing Road, people's square for more than 10 minutes. is the room small health. back and forth next to continue staying in
  • Airdeni
    Very good hotel
  • colin.sun
    Downtown Nanjing Dong Lu, near the Bund, go out to eat, go, play easier and guests praise ...
  • Anleen
    Hotel in great location by the wing on Department store in Nanjing Road pedestrian street next to the downstairs is a century-old Shen to the Bund to walk to in less than 20 minutes but don't like the quiet lives here is quite noisy in the evening's main Shanghai-dancing aunties is too warm
  • icery88
    Old furniture, carpet look very clean, bathroom shower is fixed less convenient, look at pictures of other users there are two types of decoration, do not know if I live in this old, asked to be moved, front desk was not very happy, then spent the night back! all in all lots, very general! will not be considered!
  • AmorEmma
    Good location, on Nanjing pedestrian street on the edge of, the transportation is convenient.
  • futing1007
    Room probably 13 square meters, noise effect pretty good of. bathroom somewhat small, but enough with, one-time of facilities also is sufficient. important of is location too good has. away from Nanjing Road Street but 100 meters, near first food store of specialty and hotel are is good, from Bund 2 km, walk 20 minutes around, Metro station also but 300 meters around, all are is convenient.
  • alone
    Waste ground melon seeds when cigarette butts
  • e04232177
    Vehicles are a bit noisy downstairs ... ... Breakfast is simple, no selective
  • angelinayu
    Conveniently, restaurants and shopping, the company he, take a taxi a bit of trouble.
  • blueab
    Want a standard room two single beds that, only gives us double beds, good location downtown, poor soundproofing of the rooms and corridors, the room was very clean, and is well worth
  • e00132992
    Good, good.
  • calvinwong
    Close to the Nanjing Road, go left, transportation, facilities, rooms, affordable breakfast. recommended.
  • E00098440
    Room was a bit small, but so busy low the price is quite good, just give it a perfect score.
  • e21618776
    Inside the hotel is located in Central Nanjing Road pedestrian street, very close to two metro stations were, eating, shopping, travel is convenient, the rooms are clean, but is relatively small, there are odors, no window room ventilation is not good.
  • lintinting
    Well, it is worth
  • moosoon
    Hotel location is good, room is very convenient.
  • bacardi_claire
  • lulu_peppermint
    Can be said to be in Nanjing Road, the location is very convenient room facilities are generally poor service a look of owed him money and health
  • memorysunny
    Room very good location, near Metro, service was good, room
  • farrun
    Extraordinary value in an excellent location. This hotel strong suit is its location, right in the heart of Shanghai, within walking distance or a short subway ride from the main attractions. It is a very simple hotel with very small room. But they are very clean, which is good. If you dont care about luxury this is an excellent choice. By the way, they allow two people to sleep in the single room.
    Really really great location, moderate price, praise
  • Timai
    Good location
  • bruno
    Very convenient
  • aysel
    Hotel location no said, several step road on to has Street, room than smaller, on a Zhang bed and a Zhang small table of area, a a people live should didn't problem, two a people estimated somewhat squeeze, but room fully, most surprise of actually has bathtub, and based equipment are is fine Shang grade. main is price right, for travel. next has opportunities also will select here, good!
  • xiaoran614
    Too bad, room small, miserable than in Hong Kong, were poor, and no noise
  • loong
    The location was excellent, walking the streets, wherever convenient, room fit, are hard to find, is the hair dryer is public, for standard room is not too satisfactory.
  • lisa030906
    From the Nanjing Road pedestrian street very near, and not worry.
  • apig77
    OK for the price, is the front desk attitude generally, and no hair dryer in the room
  • semir6555
    Very good! from the Centre of is so close!
  • airom
    Good location, good service
  • aijia
    Environmental health General
  • bora001
    Next time I go to Shanghai or live here,
  • gudingjia
    Not bad
  • bcd218n
    Room is too small, stuffy when it rained, an economy of Daqing is a 2*4m House! clean, without shower slippers, hair dryers in outside too inconvenient, in need of improvement. to be around fun and shopping convenience!
  • amos580707
    Good location, in the middle of the bustling Nanjing Road location, rooms are small, but can rest good health is cleaned every day and is well worth the
  • tlwalmy
    Rooms are small, but very delicate, very Japanese-style flavor, five minutes away from Nanjing Road station, convenient, free luggage storage, not bad
  • alexji
    Hotel is located in Nanjing Road old shop Shen big into North next door, location perfect, street convenient, to West walk not far on to Tibet Road square metro station, can took 1,2,8 line Metro, to East walk also not far to Nanjing Road Metro station can took 1, Line 10 line Metro, traffic extending in all directions. Unfortunately from coach station got off Shi, not awareness road, find not to Metro Line 1 line entrance, taxi of place also find not to, to catch time to hotel, in bus station junction helpless was noGood brother slaughter has 50 Yuan, only Ken with we to hotel, 5:30 P.M. around brother is unwilling to visitor to downtown, too blocking. economic standard between area is small points, but as long as has air conditioning and 24 hours hot, wireless WiFi foot carry, after all is in downtown, prices relative other with lots economic hotel for also not is too your. yihou has opportunities to Shanghai also intends to live this hotel.
  • cain_925
    Environment, next to the pedestrian street of East Nanjing Road, evening out pretty easy, snacks, restaurants are many, shopping is also very convenient
  • atmettony
    Decent hotel
  • benso
    Very good
  • a6538083
    Super convenient traffic, near the street of Nanjing Road, people's square, one step away from Metro, nice
  • abcs1970
    Lots have no say in front of the Nanjing Road pedestrian street very convenient junction is the Shenyang-Dalian into snacks great hotel front desk is also very good is cheap super small room small room like a pigeon cage but one night there will also be a Chinese name sea star Fossa
  • beanlynn
  • weixututu
    Hotel is ok, situated in great location. Room is too small, no big towels for shower. The cleaning lady does not clean the room and floor. She does not even put the toiletpaper in the holder on the wall.